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Air Starters with turbine or vane motor

Air starters or air start motors are intended for starting heavy diesel and petrol motors in the shipping, heavy-duty transport, onshore and offshore industry. Air starters are used in places, where no electric motor can be used, which would be impractical, due to its size, and moreover dangerous. Thanks to their simple design, air starts do not only save out on space, these motors are moreover extremely reliable.

There are two types of air start motors: turbine (air) starters and vane motors. Vane motors are used for a small number of diesel and petrol motors, but are less frequently used. At Laco, you can find Ingersoll-Rand (turbine) air start motors in various capacities, which can be used as starters on many types of motors and machinery.

Laco can often deliver these air starters off the shelf.


Before purchasing an air start motor, please first ask a professional Laco advisor for advice. He can help you determine which starter is the most appropriate one for your application. He will also advise you on how to use and maintain the starter. Laco does not only deliver the most appropriate air starter, but also offers tailored advice and the flexible service you are looking for.

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The following air starters have been included in the Laco product range:

  • Turbine starters: 150T- ST400- ST500- ST600- ST700- ST900- TS700- TS900- TS1400
  • Vane motor starters:  3BMG- 5BMG- SS175- SS350- 150BM- SS800
Air Starters with turbine or vane motor