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Adsorption Dryer for compressed air conditioning

Laco Air Solutions adsorption dryers provide ideal compressed air conditioning and are used for pressure dew points up to -70 °C. For example, our adsorption dryers remove compressed air from water, so that contaminants can be avoided. Contaminants in compressed air have a range of harmful effects that can have a negative influence on production efficiency (pressure loss, product waste, production interruptions).

Would you like to buy or rent an adsorption dryer? Before making your choice, contact our specialists, helping to ensure of choosing the right equipment!

Characteristics of our adsorption dryers

Depending on capacity, you can choose an adsorption dryer with chilling or heat generation.

Advantages of chilling-generating adsorption dryers:
  • Dew point up to -70 °C
  • Compact aluminium or steel casing
  • Available in industrial and medical versions
  • Reliable in achieving low pressure dew points
  • Minimum of regeneration air required
  • Long and trouble-free useful life
  • PP regulation possible


Advantages of heat-generating adsorption dryers:
  • Dew point up to -70 °C
  • Extremely energy-efficient
  • Large filling quantities of adsorbent for certain pressure dew point
  • Equal through-flow of the desiccant bed through stainless steel flow divider
  • Performances based on 100% load
  • PP control system with control panel and full dashboard for ease of operation

Looking for a suitable adsorption dryer for your compressed air installation? Ask one of our specialists today for detailed information!

Service and Maintenance of your adsorption dryer

With our Service & Maintenance contract, you can substantially extend the useful life of your adsorption dryer. In addition, the Service & Maintenance contract is not tied to a brand name and thanks to expertise built up over many years, and the relationships we have forged with a range of suppliers, professional maintenance is guaranteed. Would you like to know more? Here you can read all about the Laco Air Solutions Service & Maintenance contract.

Adsorption dryers and their applications

Laco Air Solutions’ affordable adsorption dryers are used to minimise contamination, corrosion and energy use. In addition, our adsorption dryers have a high output and they are easy to maintain.

Want to know more about our adsorption dryers? Contact the specialists of Laco Air Solutions today, they will be happy to provide you with professional advice!

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