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Tools for bolted connections

Specific tools are required for loosening and tightening bolted connections in industrial constructions, the building or (petro)chemical industry. The force with which the bolts and nuts are tightened or loosened must be exactly right. The quality and size of the bolted connection determine the max. torque, the tools should match these specifications.

Factors such as ageing and corrosion due to moist (which happens very frequently in offshore installations) or due to heat (for example plastic extrusion) sometimes make it difficult to select tools for bolted connections, because the force required for loosening is much larger in these situations than under normal circumstances.

Laco sells and rents tools for bolted connections and employs professionals, who can help you choose the tools you require for the bolted connections.

How do you select tools for bolted connections?

It is not always easy to answer the question, which tools are the best choice. There are simply too many variables. We recommend you call in the help of a Laco specialist, to make sure that you immediately make the right choice. At Laco you can find the tools and expertise you need.

Which brands and types of tools for bolted connections can you find at Laco?

Ingersoll Rand Plarad logo Norbar torque tools

Ingersoll Rand

Tools for bolted connections manufactured by Ingersoll Rand are used for assembly activities and include air powered screwdrivers and impact wrenches.

Plarad Laco has the following Plarad tools for bolted connections: hand torque multiplierspneumatic , electric and hydraulic torque wrench systems.

Plarad Laco has, among other tools, battery powered torque multipliers of this brand.

Norbar Laco has, among other tools, torque wrenches, torque multipliers and pneumatic torque wrenches of this brand.