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Buying or renting a Screw compressor: Ask for advice

Laco Air Solutions rent out and sell a large number of variations of screw compressors. For every assignment, we offer you the most efficient and safest option. Laco Air Solutions provides clarification and is happy to help you by providing advice in the choice between various:  

  • Electrical compressors
  • Diesel compressors

Always make sure you contact our specialists first to help you in making your choice.

A wide range of Screw compressors

Buying or renting a compressor? Make sure you take the following points into account:

  • Is the compressor in use all day long? Then choose a screw compressor.
  • Do you use the compressor more on an occasional basis? For example for 1 hour and then another 3 hours later? Then you should choose a:
    Reciprocating compressor.

Service and Maintenance of your Screw compressor

With our Service & Maintenance contract, we are happy to make your life easier in the area of technical maintenance for your screw compressor. Don’t take any risks and allow preventive maintenance to be performed on your installation 2-3 times a year, depending on your running hours. You will thereby be able to substantially increase useful life and save energy use. You can read more here.

Specs of our large range of screw compressors

  • Pressure ranges from 6 to 200 bar
  • Power of 2.2 to 350kW

Ask which screw compressor you should use today. With Laco Air Solutions, work will be done professionally and always using the correct tools.

Want to know more about Screw compressors?

Would you like more information on our product range? Then contact our specialists today, they will quickly provide you with all the information you need!

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