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Hydraulic Nuts

Hydraulic nuts are used to replace critical bolted connections, or connections in places, where no bolt tensioning tools can be used due to lack of space. Hydraulic nuts are tightened simultaneously in order to guarantee a reliable connection. A lot of time can be saved on maintenance by using hydraulic nuts, especially if the nuts have to be sealed with thread protectors, which will protect the nuts against weather, wind and corrosive substances.

Laco delivers Tentec top collar and bottom collar hydraulic nuts. Tentec top collar hydraulic nuts feature a locking collar on top of the nut, Tentec bottom collar hydraulic nuts feature a locking collar on the bottom of the nut. Next to the Tentec hydraulic nuts, Laco has also included the Tentec thread protectors in its product range.

Using Hydraulic Nuts

Are you planning on using hydraulic nuts? Then please first ask a professional Laco employee for advice. He can tell you everything about using hydraulic nuts and can give you tailored advice.  Laco will not only be able to deliver the right materials and tools, but also offers expert advice and a first-class service.

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