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Discover BOGE compressors

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient compressor? With over a century of experience in developing high-quality industrial compressed air systems, BOGE compressors represent the pinnacle of German engineering excellence. Whether you are interested in purchasing or renting a BOGE compressor, Laco Air Solutions is your expert partner, guaranteeing the perfect BOGE solution for your needs.

BOGE: screw and reciprocating compressors

BOGE’s range includes both screw and reciprocating compressors, available from 1 to 480 HP. This diverse range ensures that there is a BOGE compressor for almost every industrial application, from screw compressors to piston compressors. Additionally, they offer various sustainable, energy-saving products.

Why choose BOGE compressors?

BOGE compressor maintenance and service at Laco

With our Service & Maintenance contract, you are assured of regular maintenance and prevention of breakdowns by our specialised technicians.

Purchase or rent a BOGE compressor at Laco

For expert advice on which BOGE compressor best meets your specific requirements, the specialists at Laco Air Solutions are always ready to assist you. Our experts help you select the ideal compressor and parts, and guide you in optimising your compressed air system for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Learn more about BOGE compressors

Would you like to know more about what BOGE compressors can do for your business? Contact Laco Air Solutions today and discover how our BOGE solutions can elevate your productivity to the next level.