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Service & Maintenance contract

Do you want your compressed air system to last longer? With a Service & Maintenance contract Laco Air Solutions offers guarantees to the compressed air user. The contract is part of the conditions to extend the warranty on the main components of the purchased compressor or parts of the installation.

Avoid breakdowns and loss of quality

The Service & Maintenance contract provides regular maintenance of your compressed air system so that breakdowns and loss of quality can be prevented. Because the maintenance is carried out by our well-trained specialists, changes in the use of compressed air are detected in time. So you are always assured of high quality compressed air!

Every contract is custom made

Each Service & Maintenance Contract is custom made. In addition to newly delivered parts of the compressed air system you can also include existing components in the contract. Moreover, the Laco Air Solutions Service & Maintenance contract not tied to a brand.

Content of the service & maintenance contract

A technical advisor from Laco Air Solutions will involve end users in the process by selecting required components who will be covered by the contract. The number of running hours per calendar year and the required air quality determine the maintenance interval. All data from the survey will be worked out nicely in the order confirmation. The call-out and labor costs in the number of fixed maintenance is already included in the contract price. If there are more running hours then scheduled, additional maintenance has to take place. This is outside the contract and will be billed separately. For users with high demands of the compressed air quality, we also could advise in which period the filters has to be replaced, besides the maintenance contract.

24/7 Service

Timely maintenance prevents breakdowns. Should it occur despite the maintenance that a fault occurs, the Service & Maintenance contract gives right to use our 24/7 service. If the fault can not be solved by telephone, in four hours (only in Holland) there will be a mechanic on site. Again, the travel costs are already included in the contract price. Only labour hours and parts are billed separately.

Want to know more about the service & maintenance contract?

Please contact one of our compressed air specialist. They are happy to provide you with the right advise!