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Enerpac Pullers

Enerpac pullers are the ideal tools for removing shaft-fitted parts (bearings or couplings). Enerpac hydraulic pullers allow precise and fast pulling, minimising damage to the parts and eliminating time-consuming and unsafe hammering or prying.

Laco has a large selection of hydraulic and mechanical Enerpac pullers and delivers Enerpac pullers with a spread ranging from 12 to 635 mm and capacities up to 50 ton. You can also purchase or hire universal puller sets. The sets are delivered with the required hydraulic components (pump, hose, cylinder, pressure gauge and gauge adaptor).

Choosing the most appropriate Enerpac pullers

Because the width of the shafts and the total width of the parts being pulled determine the required capacity and spread of the jaws, you cannot just select any combination of pullers and pumps. Please always contact a professional Laco advisor before purchasing or hiring Enerpac pullers. He can help you choose the right pullers.

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