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What is the best air compressor for air tools?

If you are going to use air tools, you need an air compressor. Answering the above question, however, is not that simple. Not all compressors can be used with all air tools, and you also have to take other factors into account, such as the circumstances under which you are going to use your tools. With this article, we’ll help you pick the best air compressor for your tools or your specific application. While doing so, we’ll focus on air compressors manufactured by Ingersoll-Rand. As a distributor for this quality label, we have a wide range of Ingersoll-Rand compressors for sale and for rent.  

Air compressor: oil-free vs. oil

An important choice you need to make when choosing a compressor, is deciding whether an oil or oil-free air compressor best matches your needs. In oil compressors, the piston chamber that is used to draw in air is lubricated and cooled with oil. Oil compressors are highly reliable and durable, and are therefore commonly used for industrial purposes. However, compressed air produced by oil compressors always contains a tiny bit of oil, which may be undesirable for certain applications. That is why specific industries, such as pharmaceutics and paper production, only use oil-free compressors. These compressors are pre-lubricated (mostly with Teflon) and require less maintenance. While oil-free compressors are lighter and less costly, they are less durable and silent, and tend to get hotter during use. 

What size compressor for air tools?

Another factor you have to take into account before choosing a compressor, is for how you are planning to use your air tools in a row . If you want to use your tools for consecutive hours, you may need a compressor with a larger container capacity than you would if you only use your tools for a couple of minutes in a row. A larger compressor is able to deliver a constant pressure for a longer time, which ensures a predictable functioning of your tools. For some applications, such as spraying paint, a larger capacity makes it easier to achieve an even and smooth result. A smaller container capacity on the other hand, makes your compressor easier to handle and transport. Apart from a compressor’s container capacity, you also have to look at its air yield and and suction strength. The suction strength says a lot about the refill time of the container, while the air yield tells you how powerful a machine is; the higher this value, the more powerful your machine.       

What types of Ingersoll Rand compressor do we offer?

In our wide range of Ingersoll Rand products, you’ll find air compressors for all kinds of air tools. Ingersoll Rand’s reciprocating compressors, for instance, are often used for light air tools such as nail guns and staple guns. Screw compressors are more suited for heavier jobs. As the standard for industrial use, low-noise screw compressors can be used for a wide range of applications. Diesel-powered compressors are a great alternative for places where no electricity is available. For specific purposes, we also offer high-pressure compressors.

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