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Hydraulic Wedges

Hydraulic wedges

Hydraulic wedges can be used to lift heavy loads or to separate parts of a construction.  Because of its shape, a hydraulic wedge can also be used if there is only a very small access gap (as of 5 to 10 mm). There are hydraulic (lifting) wedges, which can only lift in a vertical position, and wedges, which can be used in all positions. Most hydraulic wedges are compact and light; wedges are after all designed to be used in places (with little space), where other lifting tools cannot be used.

Hydraulic wedge spreaders or flange spreaders are made to remove flanges without damaging the flanges or spread arm. Flange spreaders are mostly used for maintenance works. Wedge spreaders can also be used next to each other, for a more equal distribution of the force.

Both types of hydraulic wedges can be purchased or hired at Laco.

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Please ask a professional Laco employee for advice before purchasing or hiring a hydraulic wedge. There you will find specialists, who can help you select the right combination of wedge, cylinder, pump and system components. At Laco you will get exactly what you are looking for: the right hydraulic tools and a professional service.


Enerpac tools Holmatro tools

Laco sells and rents wedges of the following brands:

Enerpac – hydraulic wedges for lifting and spreading with capacities ranging from 0.75 to 14 ton. Enerpac also has a hydraulic wedge with integrated hand pump.

Holmatro – lifting wedges with spring return or hydraulic return, with capacities ranging from 1 to 25 ton and flange spreaders.

Are you interested in buying or renting a hydraulic wedge? Are you not sure which hydraulic wedge is suitable for you? Do not hesitate to get in touch, Laco Zaandam’s specialists will help you out!

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