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Plarad Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pumps

Plarad hydraulic pumps are used for powering all sorts of torque tools. You can choose between electric hydraulic pumps or pneumatic hydraulic pumps (air pumps), depending on your application; a pneumatic pump is the most logical choice for activities in explosion hazardous environments.

What makes the Plarad hydraulic pumps so unique, is that they can be used as modular tools within a system, which can be easily expanded; the hydraulic pumps are a sound investment in that respect. All pumps have a protective frame covering the most vulnerable parts. External control allows a fully automatic and controlled work process, in which various tools are powered simultaneously. All pumps that are modularly upgradeable are indicated with the letters “IQ”. Plarad naturally has accessories and system components for all pumps.

Laco rents and sells hydraulic pumps from the various Plarad series.

Choosing a Plarad hydraulic torque wrench pump

Please ask a professional Laco employee for advice before purchasing or hiring a hydraulic torque wrench pump. He will be able to help you choose the most appropriate hydraulic pump for your application and will also advise you on how to use it and maintain it. Laco does not only deliver the best torque wrench pumps, but also offers tailored advice and a flexible service.

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Which types of Plarad hydraulic pumps can you find at Laco?

X1 / X2 – This series of electrical hydraulic pumps is extremely suited for bolted connection applications, during which weight and mobility are important. With a remote control, and can be upgraded with an extra oil tank and a pressure intensifier.

IQ VX – All-round electric and pneumatic hydraulic pumps for bolted connection applications. Can be used modularly for simultaneously powering all sorts of hydraulic tools.

IQ VAX – These pneumatic and electric pumps are suited for full-automatic controlled processes, which do not only enable the user to control several tools at the same time, but also no longer require any actions once the process has been started up. This means an increased productivity and process repeatability. The larger pneumatic pump meets the specifications stated in the ATEX Directive.

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