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Ingersoll-Rand Vane Motors

Ingersoll-Rand vane motors are air motors. Vane motors are light, have a simple construction and are as such maintenance friendly and durable. Vane motors are used in places, where no electricity or hydraulic power source can be used or where none of the aforementioned are readily available. Ingersoll-Rand vane motors can be used in every position. Vane air motors are the most commonly used motors and there are many versions available.

The Ingersoll-Rand vane motors can be delivered in all capacities, with a large choice of accessories and system components. Laco can deliver the entire range of vane motors and accessories as Ingersoll-Rand importer.


Ask a professional Laco employee for advice before purchasing or hiring an Ingersoll-Rand vane (air) motor. He can give you professional advice to help you select the right vane motor for your application. He will always tell you what the best solution is and will make sure that it will be available as fast as possible. Laco does not only deliver Ingersoll-Rand vane motors, but also appropriate advice and an excellent service.

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