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Ingersoll-Rand Turbine Starters

Ingersoll-Rand air turbine starters are used for starting large diesel and gasoline motors. The air starters can often be found in ship motors, but also in environments such as heavy duty transport and oil and gas extraction. If an electric motor would be used for that purpose, it would be way too large (impractical) and dangerous. Ingersoll-Rand turbine starters have a space-saving air start motor. The simple construction of the Ingersoll-Rand turbine starters makes them extremely reliable.

Ingersoll-Rand also deliver air starters in the shape of vane motors for a number of specific diesel and gasoline motors. Vane motor air starters are nowadays used somewhat less.

The IR turbine starters, which can be delivered in various capacities, can be placed on widely differing machinery and installations. You can purchase or hire Ingersoll-Rand turbine starters at Laco.

Using an Ingersoll-Rand turbine starter

Before purchasing or hiring an Ingersoll-Rand turbine starter, please ask a Laco advisor for advice. He can determine which starter is the most appropriate one for your application. He can also advise you on how to use and maintain the starter. Laco does not only deliver the tools you need, but also offers professional advice and an excellent service.

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