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Since the take-over of ARO by Ingersoll-Rand, the air operated diaphragm pumps of Ingersoll-Rand are still called ARO pumps in popular speech, because they enjoyed an excellent reputation with that brand name. ARO diaphragm pumps are suitable as continuous process pump for pumping the most diverse fluids with a light to medium viscosity, even if these possibly contain harmful parts.

Since Ingersoll-Rand ARO diaphragm pumps are powered mechanically, they can also be used in explosion hazardous areas. Most ARO diaphragm pumps are ATEX certified.  The pumps work safely without overpessure valve or pipe. Their patented “Unstallable” unbalanced air valve design avoids stalling and freezing issues.

The fluid output and pressure in Ingersoll-Rand ARO diaphragm pumps can be set from very slowly to extremely fast (1 to 1040 liter per minute). Partly due to the broad range in materials of construction, diaphragm pumps  are frequently used in the chemical and foodstuff industry. You get a 5 year factory warranty for all ARO diaphragm pumps. Laco,  ARO importer, sells and rents Ingersoll-Rand diaphragm pumps.


If you wish to purchase or hire an ARO diaphragm pump, please be sure to ask Laco for advice.  The professional Laco employees can help you select the most appropriate diaphragm pump for your application. Laco can moreover advise you on use and maintenance. Laco does not only offer the complete Ingersoll-Rand product range, you will moreover get tailored advice and a flexible service.

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Aro tools

The selection is subdivided into diaphragm pumps with metal and plastic fluid casings.

ARO diaphragm pumps with metal casing:

  • Expert series: PD05-PD07-PD10-PD15-PD20-PD30
  • Pro series: 6661-6662-6663
  • Powder Transfer Pump: PP- for pumping powdery products
  • Sanitary Transfer Pump: PM- foodstuff – cosmetics – chemical additives – paint
  • High Pressure Pump: PH10- 3:1 ratio for work pressures up to 20 bar (1” inlet)
    • 670045- 2:1 ratio for work pressures up to 14 bar (3” inlet)
    • Flap valve pump: PF- able to handle large solid parts
    • Drum pump: DAB05- specially designed to mount on drums and to pump directly from drums.

ARO diaphragm pumps with plastic casing:

  • Expert series: PD02P-PD03P-PD05P-PD07P-PD10-PD15-PD20
  • Pro series: 6661-6662
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