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Holmatro Flow Stoppers

Holmatro flow stoppers are used to seal pipes and tubes in an effective way, to prevent chemicals and potentially hazardous substances such as oil and petrol from leaking.  Holmatro flow stoppers come in four different sizes that each match the internal diameter of the pipe or tube in which they will be placed. Flow stoppers work like an inflatable pillow, which expands through air pressure.

Holmatro flow stoppers are resistant against high backpressure and have a high tensile strength. They are weather (both frost and heat), acid, oil and petrol resistant. You can purchase or rent Holmatro flow stoppers at Laco.

Using a Holmatro flow stopper

Before purchasing or hiring a Holmatro flow stopper, please turn to a professional Laco employee for advice on the use of the flow stopper and the required accessories, such as air cylinders, hoses and connection pieces. He will make sure that you select the right flow stopper and that you will be able to use it in a safe manner. At Laco you will not only find the tools you are looking for, you will also get professional advice and a flexible service.

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