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Holmatro Welding Fumes Exhaust

A Holmatro welding fumes exhaust is primarily used in boiler building plants and shipyards to immediately remove fumes and gases (“welding fumes”) that are released when welding in order to keep the workspace safe and healthy.

The Holmatro welding fumes exhaust functions in accordance with the Venturi principle, this means that by narrowing a section of the suction tube, an increase in the velocity of the suction occurs. The exhaust’s air consumption is moderate and the suction force is continuously adjustable. The noise level of the Holmatro fumes exhaust is low, only 76 dB at max. capacity.

The Holmatro welding fumes exhaust has no moving or wearing parts, is a lightweight model and easy to use. You can purchase or hire the Holmatro welding fumes exhaust at Laco.

Using a Holmatro welding fumes exhaust

You do not have to take many things into account when using the Holmatro exhaust. We however advise you to discuss the use of the welding fumes exhaust in your workplace with a Laco employee before purchasing or hiring such a tool. He will be able to tell you whether the exhaust you want is appropriate for the space and can provide you with more information about the accessories.  At Laco you will not only find the required tools, you will also get professional support and an excellent service.

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