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Holmatro Double-Acting Cylinders

Holmatro double-acting cylinders are used for industrial activities requiring a high capacity (50 to 500 ton). The cylinders are protected against overpressure on the return side and ejection of the plunger. Laco has various capacities of Holmatro double-acting cylinders for purchase or hire.

Product group overview

Choosing a Holmatro double-acting cylinder

If you are planning on purchasing or hiring Holmatro double-acting hydraulic cylinders, then please contact Laco for professional advice on the suitability of the cylinders for your application and the combination with pumps and system components. At Laco, you will not only find all types and capacities of hydraulic cylinders, you will also get professional advice enabling you to make the best choice.

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Holmatro dubbelwerkende cilinders