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Plarad Electric Torque Wrenches

Plarad electric torque wrenches make manufacturing, assembly and maintenance activities easier. It takes less time to complete the work and the high rotational speed is more effective. The comfortable operation and compact size of the Plarad electric torque wrenches is unique. Plarad electric torque wrenches have a reaction-free revolving handle; precise electronic torque preset, silent operation and minimal vibration make these torque wrenches extremely pleasant to work with as well as appropriate from a health and safety point of view.

Plarad DE models are available in squared models with geared offset accessories and adjusted reaction arms.

Laco sells and rents Plarad electric torque wrenches.

Product group overview

Choosing an electric torque wrench

If you are planning on purchasing or hiring an electric torque wrench, please ask a professional Laco employee for advice. He will be able to help you choose the most appropriate torque wrench for your application and will also advise you on how to use and maintain it.  Laco does not only deliver the best tools, but also offers professional advice and the flexible service you are looking for.

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Which types of Plarad electric torque wrenches can you find at Laco?

DEM (W) – Electric torque wrenches with hand-operated two-stage drive, with capacities from 100 to 12,000 Nm.

DEA (W) – Electric torque wrenches with automatic continuously adjustable drive, capacities from 250 to 12,000 Nm.

Plarad Electric Torque Wrenches