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Norbar Torque Multipliers

The Norbar (hand-operated) torque multiplier range includes many models, with standard capacities up to 47,500 Nm and for the “specials” (can be supplied on request) up to 100,000 Nm.  The torque multipliers are the ideal tools for all areas, where there is not enough space for long handles, but which still require an enormous precision force (e.g. industry and automotive environments).

The Norbar torque multipliers are very precise (accuracy ± 4%) and the (torque) multiplication ratios are therefore a matter of simple arithmetic. No more complicated calculations to calculate the input torque to achieve a particular output. Some models are equipped with the safe “Anti Wind-up Ratchet” mechanism, which makes it no longer necessary to make 360º sweeps with the torque input device to prevent the multiplier from unwinding.

Transducers can be used in combination with many Norbar models, to test and read the applied force.

Laco sells and rents Norbar torque multipliers.

Choosing the right Norbar torque wrench

Would you like to purchase or hire a Norbar torque multiplier? Please ask a Laco employee for advice. He can give you professional advice on the suitability of the various Norbar torque multipliers and tell you about the calibration and monitoring possibilities. At Laco, you cannot only purchase or hire the torque multipliers you are looking for, you will also get tailored advice and a first-class service.

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Norbar torque multipliers - the product range

The extensive Norbar range can be divided into the following series:

  • Highwayman  –  the HT 3 “Highwayman” has been specially designed to take along in trucks as torque multiplier and can be used on the way. In capacities from 1300 and 2700 Nm, torque multiplication ratio 5 : 1 .
  • HT 52 and HT 72  –  Very compact and accurate (± 4%). Comparable with “Anti Wind-up Ratchet” and various torque multiplication ratios (5 : 1, 22 : 1, and 25 : 1)  For the HT-72,  transducers can be used to monitor the applied force.  Capacities from 1000 to 2000 Nm