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Norbar Measuring Instruments – Torque Transducers

Transducers are essential tools for measuring the accuracy of your torque tools. Norbar torque transducers are the most obvious choice of tools to combine with the Norbar reading instruments, although Norbar testing devices are also compatible with transducers of other brands. There are transducers for all possible capacities and models that translate the mechanical force into an electric signal, which can be displayed on the reading instrument.

Norbar has a number of series of measuring instruments for torque wrenches and torque multipliers, which you can combine with reading devices, accessories and calibration software to put together a complete testing system for your torque tools.

Laco sells and rents Norbar measuring instruments.


You should always get advice from a professional before purchasing or hiring measuring devices. At Laco, you will find specialists, who can help you choose the right torque transducers and display units for testing and calibrating your torque tools. They can naturally advise you on how to use these Norbar testing devices. At Laco you will not only find specialised measuring instruments, you will also get tailored advice and a flexible service.

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Static – Norbar Static Torque Transducers are extremely robust, very accurate and only measure the torque – other forces are generated. There is an extensive series of Norbar Static transducers, designed for capacities ranging from 1 to 100,000 Nm. There is also a ‘bench stand’ for capacities up to 5000 Nm. There are also special test units for pneumatic and hydraulic torque wrenches.

Rotary – Rotary Torque Transducers are used to measure the torque of rotating tools and impulse nut runners. There are various models designed for capacities ranging from 5 to 1500 Nm.

Annular – The Norbar Annular transducers are designed to fit directly to the tools from the HT-72 (hand-operated torque multipliers) and PneuTorque (pneumatic torque wrenches) series and will accurately measure the torque output via a display instrument. The torque on the connection is immediately displayed. The capacities for which these torque transducers are made vary between 1000 and 100,000 Nm.

SMART – Norbar has invented the SMART transducer technology for processing and handling testing data, user’s preferences and capacities as effectively as possible. This technology recognises a large number of transducers in a test environment, including the matching measuring and calibration data. This will make you save a lot of time.

FMT – Norbar Flange Mounted Transducers can be used for measuring tools with capacities up to 1500 Nm. The torque transducers are mounted on a flange that functions as workbench.  The built-in leads enable a direct link with a reading device with SMART technology such as the Norbar TST or TTT.

Norbar static torque transducer