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How does a refrigeration air dryer work?

A refrigeration dryer or a compressed air dryer makes sure there is dry, compressed air in a compressed air system. The warm air that enters the compressor always contains  a higher level of moisture. This moisture can eventually damage the compressor, pipeline system and compressed-air tools.

When compressing the air through the compressor, the relative humidity level increases in the compressed air system. If this level of humidity is more than 100%, liquid condensation will appear which has to be removed out of the compressed air system.

How is the moist air removed from the compressor air system?

At first, a water separator is used to remove the big drops out of the system. Then the air will go through the compressed air dryer which will, with a dewpoint of about 3 degrees Celsius, remove the leftover moisture. You can compare this to a refrigerator.

The compressed air now has a humidity level that is 100% saturated at a certain temperature (pressure dew point). If the temperature throughout the compressed air system decreases, for example when the compressed air line runs outside of the system, condensation can occur again.

Choosing the right refrigeration air dryer and water separator is not easy. Different compressed air dryers are suitable for different applications. Always ask one of Laco Zaandam’s specialists for advice when choosing the right refrigeration air dryer and water separator.

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