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How does an adsorption dryer work?

An adsorption dryer in a compressed air system makes sure there is a constant flow of dry air. The air that enters the compressed has a certain level of moisture that can eventually damage the compressor, the pipeline system and the compressed-air tools that are used. 

When the air is compressed through the compressor, the relative humidity level increases. If this reaches 100% there will be liquid condensation which has to be removed from the compressed air system. 

How is the condensation removed from the compressed air system?

First, a water separator is used to get rid of the big drops of water from the system. The moist air will then flow through the adsoprtion dryer. Due to hygroscopic material, the air is dried in two cylinders. Then, this is either cold or hot regenerated. With an adsorption dryer, the pressure dew point of -70 degrees Celsius can be reached. This can be required if the air quality has to meet special ISO standards. Examples of these are cold- and freezing rooms or breathing air systems. 

Choosing the right adsorption dryer and water separator is not easy. Ask our specialists for advice, we love to help you out. 

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