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Air Hoists

Hoists are an excellent option for hoisting (vertical position) very heavy loads (up to 50 ton). Air hoists are not big, reliable and extremely robust, since they are made from steel.  That is why they are not only used in industrial environments, but also in shipyards. Because air hoists do not produce any sparks, they can also be used in explosion hazardous offshore applications. All air hoists you can find at Laco meet the safety requirements set out in the ATEX Directive.

Air hoists can also be used to replace existing hoist installations or as temporary solution for hoist and lift activities, thanks to their advantageous features. Laco sells and rents air hoists with a varying hoist capacity.


You should keep many factors into account when selecting an air hoist for purchase or hire. That is why Laco always provides advice on use and safety. Our professional advisors can help you select the most appropriate air hoist for your application. Laco does not only have air hoists, but also the professional support and flexible service you are looking for.

Ingersoll-Rand page


Ingersoll-Rand At Laco, you can find Ingersoll Rand air hoists. The IR range includes a number of air hoists that meet the highest industrial standards. Important qualities of these hoists are: safety, reliability, durability and maintenance friendliness. Laco is an Ingersoll-Rand importer and as such a specialist in the field of vertical transport for many applications. Laco has many different types of air hoists in stock.

LCA 50 T Hook mount