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Holmatro Wedges

Holmatro wedges are used to lift heavy loads, even if there is little space for the wedge: a Holmatro lifting wedge can be used as of 10 mm insertion space. You can opt for a simple vertical lifting wedge or a wedge that can be used in all positions.  Holmatro wedges are compact and light and can therefore be used everywhere, even in small spaces.

Holmatro also has three flange spreaders in its product range, these tools are used for the maintenance of flange connections, without the risk of damage to the flanges or spread arm. Holmatro hydraulic flange spreaders can also be used in pairs, for a more equal distribution of the force.  Both types of Holmatro wedges can be purchased or hired at Laco.

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Purchasing or hiring holmatro wedges?

Please contact Laco before purchasing or hiring Holmatro wedges. The professional Laco advisors will help you select the right wedge, pump, connector, coupling and hose combination.  At Laco, you will get exactly what you need: the right tools and a professional service.

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