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How to set a torque wrench?

Torque wrenches are designed to apply a specific torque to accurately tighten bolted connections. There roughly are two sorts of torque wrenches. The first type needs to be set before use, and produces a click when a certain torque is reached. Because of this principle, these devices are known as click style torque wrenches.

The second type has an indicator that can be read out during use. If you are using a click style torque wrench, it is crucial to set it in the right way. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly how to do this. While doing so, we’ll pay special attention to the tools from Norbar. As a distributor for this quality brand, we have a broad assortment of Norbar torque wrenches for sale and for rent. All the wrenches we supply are calibrated, so you can use them with confidence. If you wish, we can also help you with your torque wrench calibration.

Setting a torque wrench - Laco Zaandam

How to Adjust a Torque Wrench with a Click Style Handle

The maximum torque that a click style torque wrench delivers can be easily adjusted at the handle. By turning the handle, an internal coil spring is fastened or loosened. Many torque wrenches are equipped with a security mechanism to prevent the settings from changing during utilization. Once you have switched the safety catch, you can increase the torque by turning the handle left, or decrease it by turning right. Above the turning mechanism, there are numbers that indicate inch-pounds and Nm, which help you to choose the right torque level for a given connection. Instead of a normal handle, Norbar wrenches with larger capacities (550-1500 Nm) feature an extendable adjustment handle.

Torque wrench accuracy

On most models, the pre-set torque can be easily read out on the dial indicator on the handle. From the bottom of the handle, the chosen power runs from small to large. Torque wrenches with lower capacities can usually be set more accurately than wrenches with a large capacity, as the scale on the former is more detailed. Most Norbar torque wrenches have an accuracy of around 3%. Besides torque wrenches with an analog indicator, Norbar offers models with a digital display. These digital torque wrenches have a higher accuracy and can be set with a precision of one decimal. Next to adjustable torque wrenches, there are torque wrenches that can not be set. These so-called “P-type” wrenches are preset to specific applications. This prevents that the settings can be changed by unauthorized people.  

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Torque wrench in Nm

The power on your torque wrench is expressed in the unit of measurement Newton meter (Nm). The power that is needed to fasten a certain connection, depends on the requirements of the supplier or manufacturer. If you don’t have access to the specifications, you can consult the supplier or search for them on the internet. If you use too much or too little power, this can affect the dependability and lifespan of your bolt connection. We deliver torque wrenches for all bolt connections. The capacity of our tools ranges from 1 NM to 2000 Nm. After use, it is important to set your wrench back to “0” to take the pressure off the internal coil spring. If this part is under pressure for too long, it can affect the calibration of the torque wrench.

Correct torque wrench settings

Setting the correct torque wrench setting is essential for precise bolt fastening. When using a torque wrench, it’s crucial to follow the recommended torque wrench settings, measured in “Nm” (newton meters). Understanding the appropriate torque wrench settings for each bolt type and size is vital. Properly setting a torque wrench prevents over-tightening, which can lead to damage, ensuring a safe and reliable fastening. Always remember the proper setting when using a torque wrench to achieve optimal performance and extend the lifespan of bolts. Whether in automotive, engineering, or DIY projects, accurate torque application is key for successful outcomes.